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 Meet Lorraine & Jillian

Entrepreneurs, moms, yoga instructors and community builders

We have made it through 100% or our challenging days and so have you. We want to remind you how to make it through those moments so that you don't feel like you are just holding on for dear life. We help you align with the things that are going right so that we can all keep going, TOGETHER! 

Lorraine Shedoudi is a graduate of U.C Berkeley and Boston College specializing in Psychology and Education. Her career in counseling lead her to work in the fields of substance abuse and suicide prevention to yoga where she now is the co-owner of Lexington Power Yoga.


Jillian McDonough is a graduate of Framingham State and has a Master’s from Dartmouth College in cultural studies. She is a motivator who leads with strength and heart. She loves these tools because they feel like concrete and practical ways to keep living, what can sometimes be a chaotic life, in a happy, creative and really productive way!

Lorraine & Jillian have used their yoga studio platform to build a thriving community. They and their team have trained hundreds of student to become teachers of yoga. In training yoga teachers, they asks for the trainee to be mindful, aware and present. All of these experiences have helped form the Gratitude Challenge and it keeps growing evolving as their collective community continues to thrive. 

Lorraine used the exact tools we use in The Gratitude Challenge to work through the loss of her mom and the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in her then 7y.o. son just a few months later. She continues to use the tools daily now and is driven to share in a concrete way.

Jillian will admit she likes a bit of chaos in her life! A mom of four; ages 7, 6, 5 and 2, as well as LPY’s co-owner she has no problem keeping busy!


These tools help her to prioritize what is really important to her: family (and the friends that are family), purpose and joy.


Making sure to be present, creative and happy as parents and business owners takes work and these tools have been their ticket. They are always working, learning, growing and sharing!!  Join them, deliberately live a life you love. 

Gratitude can be a swift antidote to stress and anxiety; in turn it improves our focus and our ability to function at our best level. 

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