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Do you have a team?!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

You know you can't get through life alone but how do we really do it together?

We are all in the middle of a firestorm right now. You have heard that we are all in this together. Sometimes that is comforting and sometimes I wonder how can we get through if everyone is holding on for dear life.

We need a team and we need to use everything we've got to get through.

If you are the quarterback of your life, (I know some days it feels like you are getting pummeled), you have an incredible offensive line that creates a safe pocket for you to do what needs doing without constantly getting sacked. No quarterback can shine alone, now matter how talented they are!

Plus, good quarterbacks course correct, read the defense, call audibles and get back up after those huge hits!! Just like you! In addition, good quarterbacks are so grateful for their O-Line, the big guys that take the hits for them. There’s a story that Joe Montana (legendary SF 49ers QB) gave each guy in his O-Line a Rolex for Christmas (which was a big deal in the 80’s). Good teams know the value in working together! They also know the value of interconnection and genuine moments of recognition and gratitude.  Do you thank people around you? It's not as difficult as you think and it really creates a ripple effect. They are your team, they are on the front lines with you and often taking the hits for you and right along side you!! Together we keep getting back up.

Spread some positive energy...

Gratitude and energy are a main currency of this new world we are living in. I know for sure gratitude makes me a better manager, mother, friend, is another thing you can douse liberally. Move away from scarcity and into abundance! Remember that energy begets energy.

In any case, meditation, gratitude, savoring, flow, exercise, sleep and community can all be your heavy hitters to help protect you too! 

Do some meditating and let us know if you need a little support, connection  or credit! Join the group and know that we are here and you’ve got this!

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