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Gratitude Adjustment

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You ARE ready and the time is NOW

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Life these days often takes more fuel than you have in the tank. If you feel overwhelmed, stressed or even helpless it means that you are paying attention and that you are human.


All of these feelings and emotions are showing us how much we need to be honest, real and come together.

We will work together to understand how our minds work, how we have come to survive through our unique experiences and what’s the best way to use our energy as we create a world full of empathy, understanding and equality. 

Stop spinning your wheels, take care of yourself, stay consistent and contribute to your family and your community with support and aligned action. 

Join Lorraine and Jillian as they lead you through a community focused challenge for reaching balance, stability and JOY.

We will work with concrete practices of daily gratitude to help retrain your brain.


This group will work with strategies that have been researched and shown to give you room to thrive which leads to lasting success. This challenge include coaching and  will be full of real tools that can be used to rewire your brain - making your life happier, healthier & more productive.


We promise to make it fun and powerful with accountability and ultimately lasting results that radiate far beyond YOU!

It is easy to scan for the threat but when you train to see what is already “good” or working, you see opportunities and creative solutions. This is where we come in! 

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